Our Suzie has been bred to Riese,
Golden Retriever puppies
due November 1, 2018.
(Maximus Barbour Golds Fantastic 4 Sue Storm)
 bred to 
GCHS Micin’s Broxden Riesling To The Occasion)
We currently have 2 male puppies available (possibly show)
Our Suri has been bred to Nick,
Golden Retriever puppies
due December 16, 2018.
(GCH Micin’s Broxden Que Syrah Syrah)
bred to
GCHB Shyan’s Here Comes Santa C Laws)
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Unconditional Love

My dog….he’s with me all through the day,
but, never a word is he able to say….
Yet, he can say more, with a look or two,
such as, I love you, Dear Master, my whole world is you!

As I do my chores, throughout the day,
He’s at my side, every step of the way.
When I stop to eat, you can bet that he’s there,
curled up of course, in his favorite chair!

And if should be, that I decide to go out,
He’ll hang his head, he’ll sulk and he’ll pout.
He sits there and waits, so patiently,
Hoping of course, that he’ll soon see me!

He sits by the window, until I come home.
Greeting me with his favorite chew bone.
He just can’t wait to hear the key in the door,
He’s barking and jumping, and barking some more!

As night time falls, and I lay down to sleep,
He’s there by my side, his vigil to keep.
And I thank the Lord, in Heaven above,
For my best friend, and Unconditional Love!

Author Unknown